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Top-Class Cargo and Freight Company in India: Affordable, fast, efficient

Total Solutions for Cargo and Freight Services

Rajdhani Interstate Transport Co. (RITCO) offers a very wide variety of services ranging from warehousing to cargo and freight forwarding solutions. We are the best in land transport of goods and products across India.

We are a cargo and freight company that offers affordable and complete logistics along with FTL solutions for land cargo freight requirements of companies.  Working with us for your freight forwarding solutions will benefit you in many ways.

1. GPS equipped fleet

As a cargo freight service provider, we know the importance of safe delivery of products. Therefore, we track our shipments with 24/7 GPS surveillance to ensure safety and security.

2. Serving Across India (All metros, tier 2 and tier 3 cities)

RITCO covers over 250 locations for freight forwarding solutions. We have branches in a lot of places in India, including metro cities, tier 2 cities and tier 3 cities. This helps us make a most-sought after cargo and freight company.

3. 100% reliable and fast delivery

RITCO has over 40 decades of experience, making it a very reliable cargo and freight company. We offer express services and end-to-end customer assistance. Additionally, our doorstep pickup service makes the entire process much quicker and efficient.

Full Range of Cargo and Flight Delivery Services

RITCO is aware of the importance of cargo freight safe delivery; we make sure that we are careful about our services and always try to update them to help us become a more reliable cargo & freight company. We serve a wide range of cargo freight needs.

1. Heavy retail goods FTL

Our customers can choose any container with vehicles ranging from 32 feet to 17 feet. We manage heavy and high-volume merchandise transportation for the retail sector.

2. Delicate and Perishable products FTL

Our cargo & freight company, has specialized containers and panels to protect, preserve, and transfer delicate and perishable products. We ensure that no product is damaged during the process and that all products are handled with precise care.

3. Industrial Goods FTL

RITCO caters to the needs of companies across India and offers help to sectors ranging from automotive to retail. In our 40 years of experience, we have transported everything from heavy machines to high-risk industrial equipment.

4. Large volume Land Cargo freight services

We have the best resources and fleets for huge-volume shipments of goods in the retail, domestic, and industrial sectors.

5. Warehousing and Storage

RITCO also offers warehousing and storage facilities; we store physical inventory for sale and distribution. We ensure that the products are stored in appropriate and safe spaces to avoid damage. We enable our warehouses with hi-tech equipment to increase their value.

6. Fully tracked order management and fulfillment

Our round the clock customer assistance includes sending customers alerts about their consignment’s position, the placement of the truck, and arrival alerts. You never have to be worried about nerve-wrecking experiences. All your goods are always tracked in granular details based on order number, type, batch, etc. We have become a trustworthy cargo & freight company for hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals. 

7. Reverse logistics Returns processing

Good delivered are many times returned to manufacturers due to changes in contracts between traders, distributors and dealers. Our company supports returns processing with equal efficiency. 

Your Go-To Cargo and Freight company

We are always there for our customers and offer them comprehensive freight forwarding solutions. The trust of a fast growing customer base says a lot about our cargo & freight company.

1. Fleet of own trucks

We offer pickups and delivery at your doorstep. To ensure this happens safely, we have a fleet of over 200 vehicles under GPS surveillance of an experienced team to monitor the routes of the trucks. This helps us make note of the consignment at all times.

2. Secured, Monitored Fleet Management

We provide online GPS tracking, insight- and data driven route and fleet management, real-time checks and control over speeding and rash driving. Our ability for anytime tracking and reporting enables our clients better visibility over their supply chain.

3. Advanced Tech-supported Anti-Theft measures

We continuously upgrade our fleets of trucks to avoid any damages to the products we are entrusted with. We make sure our security systems are upgraded in a way that your product remains safe and confidential.

4. Systematic Driver testing and Truck testing

Our drivers are experienced and tested before being assigned. We make sure that our drivers have at least 10 years of experience and they have to take comprehensive drug and alcohol tests before every journey. We also organise safety weeks with engaging workshops about safe driving. Our trucks are also inspected and maintained regularly.

5. Accurate documentation and On-time SMS/Email notifications

Managing and tracking each item of a consignment and for hundreds of orders requires highly systematic and accurate tracking systems. RITCO has in place superior systems and teams to maintain top-class documentation. Every stage of the process, from receipt of goods to arrival on locations and delivery is notified to points of contact. 

6. Most Affordable Services

RITCO offers affordable services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Our resources and intelligent management of cargo and freight allows us to cut costs, which, in turn, allows us to be more affordable.

For Freight Forwarding Solutions, Get In Touch!

Make your cargo and freight management flexible, scalable, efficient, and affordable by partnering with RITCO for cargo and freight services.

1. Customized logistics and freight services

We offer you with customizable services, enabling you to store and move your goods in the condition and manner you specify.

2. Proactive, Dedicated team to assist you 24/7

We provide you with support 24/7 with the help of our specialized and dedicated team.

3. One-Stop Solutions for all logistics needs

We offer more than cargo freight services. RITCO is a one-stop solution for your logistics and supply chain needs.

4. 40 years of experience

RITCO is a company with four decades of experience that translates into exemplary service management and exceptional standards.


Call us today on 011 - 4254 9802/07 or Email us on parcel.info@rajdhaniinterstate.com


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Top-Class Cargo and Freight Company in India: Affordable, fast, efficient