Track Shipment


Our service starts from your doorstep; the services offered include: pick-ups, trans-shipment and final delivery of goods till the doorstep of the receiver. The vehicles are designed to be weatherproof to ensure maximum safety of shipments. The entire fleet of 200 vehicles is under GPS surveillance of a designated team responsible for real time monitoring of the trucks in terms of: route diversion, over speeding, rash driving, idling, etc.

The workshops en route ensure that the vehicles are well serviced to avoid any technical glitches. Heavy investment in latest technology, by installation of advanced locking systems with hidden locks, protect the shipments from theft. Acute attention is paid to micromanagement just to ensure that the service is safe and efficient at all times.


We have a team of dedicated and experienced drivers who have been with us for over 10 years. For Express deliveries, a driver is kept on standby in preparation for unforeseen circumstances, though sufficient resting time between trips is always maintained.

Drug and Alcohol Testing:

The drivers are made to take comprehensive drug and alcohol tests before commencement of every journey.

We also provide extended service of providing safe storage facilities to clients for their parcels booked with us each delivery location.

Safety Training:

For the safety of drivers, quarterly safety weeks are organised with engaging content along with interactive training sessions and competitions focused on the importance of safe driving.

On the Job Reinforcements:

The safety engagement team also arranges idea generation workshops by setting fortnightly agenda on best practices for increasing road safety, such as seat belt awareness and driving in fog or rain.

Fleet maintenance:

Trucks are inspected for fitness before each trip to ensure fitness. Scheduled maintenance is performed at regular intervals throughout the transit. Round the clock vitals monitoring of air-brake pressure, engine oil pressure, coolant level, tyre health and temperature measurement, is carried out to ensure ideal driving conditions.

24x7 Alert-Based monitoring:

Any alerts or exceptions are handled on priority basis through a 24x7 control tower. Pit stops at regular intervals of around 250 kilometers as part of a relay network, helps provide any required assistance to a vehicle, with support from a 24x7 maintenance team. Additionally, trucks are always only 2-3 hours away from nearest help.


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