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Top Class Local Courier Services in Mumbai Speedy, Safe, Scalable Services

Most Affordable And Secure Courier Services in Mumbai

Rajdhani Interstate Transport Co. (RITCO) offers affordable, 100% reliable and fast local courier services in Mumbai. We also offer storage and warehousing support across India. Meet all your courier needs at RITCO!

1. Express Services

RITCO provides express services at affordable rates; we make sure that the product being couriered reaches the receiver in a safe and quick manner. RITCO offers the most reliable express local courier services in Mumbai.

2. Low rates

All services of RITCO are affordable and pocket-friendly. RITCO offers a lot of services to various residential and industrial places, so we know the importance of assigning costs carefully. RITCO makes sure that the services we are offering are affordable to all sections of society.

3. Wide Coverage

RITCO works across 250 locations across India and has excellent resources that enable individuals and businesses across Mumbai to send couriers within the city and across India. We reach your doorstep, help you pack, and ensure speedy delivery.

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Full Range of Courier and Parcel Delivery Services in Mumbai

1. Doorstep pickup

RITCO provides you with doorstep pickup; instead of you having to go to an office and do the needful long process of filling forms, RITCO does most of it for you by making your work a whole lot easier and picking up the parcel at your doorstep.

2. Packaging solution

You need not worry about getting the right packaging done for your courier. Let us know, and we will help you with the right type of packaging for the documents or products you want couriered. RITCO makes sure that the packaging chosen for your product is an apt and secure one.

3. Accurate documentation

RITCO makes sure that the process of documentation is an easy one for you. We follow the best practices for accurate and timely documentation. 

4. Digitalized tracking, On-time notifications and reporting

RITCO makes use of digitalized tracking; this helps make the supply chain visible and systematic. RITCO also offers notifications on the device of your consignment. You can track your package easily and feel carefree about the package.

5. Multiple payment options

RITCO offers you multiple payment options; you don’t have to be concerned about money here. Choose a payment mode that best suits you.

6. Storage facilities for shipments

When it is about overnight delivery or delivery to locations outside Mumbai, your package or parcel needs to be stored in a safe and appropriate manner. RITCO has the best facilities for the storage of shipments.  

7. Reverse Logistics (Returns Processing)

RITCO practices reverse logistics by moving the goods back to the sender when there are issues at the receiver end. It could be because of a wrong address or the unavailability of a receiver at a given location.

RITCO is rightfully termed as one of the best local courier services in Mumbai.

Make us your go-to courier service company in Mumbai

Here are a few benefits of working with RITCO for courier delivery

1. Wide range of Household and Commercial Parcels Shipment

RITCO couriers a vast range of products from things used at home to things used in offices and industrial spaces. We ensure that all goods, regardless of shape and size, reach their location safely.

2. Same Day Delivery Facility

For a safe and efficient same-day delivery facility, we have the best resources and a great team. 

3. Online Invoice and Payment options

You can manage the entire process online, from online courier requests to Invoicing and payment.

4. Accurate, Real-time Tracking and Monitoring

One thing for sure when it comes to RITCO’s courier services is that our tracking is always accurate. We provide accurate and to-the-point monitoring of your package.

5. Most affordable services

RITCO’s services aren’t very expensive; when you work with us, you don’t feel like you’re losing money. Rather, you feel like you are gaining a better experience from good service providers.

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Partnering with one of the best local courier services in Mumbai will provide you with immense advantages like

1. 24/7 assistance

RITCO’s 24/7 availability helps provide you with reliable and quick support, something not many courier services provide.

2. Smooth, hassle-free courier services management

Your workload gets reduced a lot while working with RITCO because we are very sincere and have excellent management skills when it comes to courier delivery.

3. Proactive, dedicated team

RITCO’s team isn’t just experienced and specialized; we are also proactive, dedicated and ever ready to help.

4. Top-class security and confidentiality

RITCO’s four decades of experience help us keep upgrading our security standards. We provide safe packaging and delivery of goods in a way that the confidentiality of your product is maintained.


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Top Class Local Courier Services in Mumbai Speedy, Safe, Scalable Services