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  • Supply chain logistics is crucial for the success of any business entity.
  • A robust supply chain logistics system can reduce operating costs, boost customer service, and ensure a smooth and continuous flow of the supply chain cycle.
  • In fact, a neglected supply chain logistics can reduce operating profits by 50-70%, hence organisations are nowadays outsourcing their supply chain logistics.
  • RITCO is emerging as a favorite amongst businesses because we ensure that our logistic services help companies improve its productivity with synchronised and integrated delivery of goods and services.


Tech-enabled services

Our tech savvy team incorporates all avant-garde tech solutions to make logistics: simpler, smarter and faster. Technology mediation begins right at the planning stage wherein we utilise Internet of Things to integrate vehicles, drivers, supervisors, clients, etc. on a single platform. This makes information sharing and collaborations seamless, also enabling accessibility and visibility of entire supply chain through systematic flow of information.

Data analytics enables our core team to optimise utilisation of resources. Many daily hurdles - like shortage of trucks, longer turnaround, driver negligence, en-route issues, etc. - which otherwise delay delivery, are thus minimised, thereby reducing logistics cost for our clients.

We track the shipments with round-the-clock GPS surveillance to ensure non-compromised safety. As per clients’ requirements, even proofs of delivery are e-mailed to avoid time lags of any kind.


Logistics Partnership

We dedicate generous amount of time to devise strategies for smooth and fast transportation of goods, both inbound and outbound, after sufficient discussions and coordination between various teams. Right at this stage, alternate plans are put in place too, to avoid any unlikely delay.

This is followed by an expert execution of end-to-end services. We facilitate transportation of raw materials from supplier to plant; finished or processed goods are then either directly transported to customers/distributors or are further transported for storage in warehouses for stipulated time periods. Third parties are also involved whenever necessary to meet any and all clientsrequirements.

Our services do not terminate here, we even take care of sales returns, making us providers of true end-to-end services.

Being committed to being a customer oriented logistic service provider, we are always ready to happily traverse that extra mile for you.


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