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Warehousing Services

RITCO is a forerunner to revolutionize the Warehousing landscape of India with it’s state of-the-art facilities already in place. We have replaced conventional warehouses, which merely functioned as passive storage spaces for goods till distribution, with hi-tech sites of value addition.

Our data analysts have identified that one of the biggest shackles withholding Indian manufacturing industries from gaining advantage in the global market is - the cost of logistics and warehousing. To rectify this, we have a well integrated system in place to minimize the cost for the manufacturers/corporates/individuals.


Our warehouses are a site of action which are customizable as per clients’ requirements offering: quality checking, un-packaging, kit-building or bundling, re-packaging, labeling, promotional bundling and assembling goods, products or materials. This reduces clutter at the manufacturing site and improves efficiency. Our value added services also include sales return management which involves handling reverse logistics. We also maintain inventory to keep our clients updated about the availability of stock in real time.


We have teams dedicated to process orders and generate invoices. The team co-ordinates between all departments to ensure fast last mile delivery for efficient order fulfillment. This not only makes the clients happy, but also clears and forwards stock to the warehouse at right intervals.


Our facilities have temperature management panels to preserve perishables thereby extending their shelf life till the goods are ready for distribution. This allows us to create a perfect environment for the storage of a wide variety of shipments across various industries.


Your goods are safe with us. To protect goods from theft, they are guarded by security personnel round the clock along with 24x7 CCTV surveillance and advanced alarm systems. We ensure additional protection from any possible damage due to fire, water, pests and rodents. Our clients trust us, as we take full responsibility for goods placed under our care.


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