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Rajdhani Interstate Transport Co. (RITCO) is now one of the finest providers of logistical services across the length and breadth of the country.  Exemplary performance in the components of LPI - infrastructure, logistics quality and competence, tracking and tracing, and timeliness - has made made us a reliable buisness partner.

Our dedicated team ensures that the services delivered exceeds the expectations of the clientele, as we strive day in and day out to keep the customers - the bedrock of our success - happy.


Rajdhani Interstate
Transport Company
  • 1960


    Mr. R. S. Chadha, the founding member of RITCO, began his expedition in logistics, as the director of New Kashmir and Oriental Transport Co. responsible for operations in Delhi region. It is from here that he acquired the domain expertise in terms of operations, delivery, customer service and the nuances of the industry for the company had operations across the country.

  • 1978


    After deliberations and strategic planning, Mr. Chadha decided to go independent and subsequently took his leave from the former company. He then founded RITCO in partnership in 1978. His proficiency drove business in the right direction from the very inception.

  • 1983


    The partnership was dissolved with Mr. Chadha acquiring the ownership of RITCO with the blessings and support of his former partners. Hereafter, Mr. Chadha was joined by his eldest son Mr. H. S. Chadha, whose youthful energy fuelled the company’s expansion, initially to Eastern U.P., where one of the largest delivery warehouses was eventually built in Varanasi - as a pivotal point to cater to the larger north Indian market. Expansion plans into Deccan, Southern and Western India along with Bihar had already commenced under the new team.

  • 1990


    This decade marks milestone achievements while the company geared up to welcome a new millennium. The company stations across the country were computerized with the first office opening in Jharkhand, Ranchi., biggest and ongoing contract with Raymond was procured, and an express delivery division was set up. The cherry was the 30,000 sq feet transit hub in Indore equipped with the then contemporaneous facilities including: multi point loading and unloading points, labour sheds etc.

  • 2000


    Yet another feather in the cap features the acquisition of a fleet of market specific vehicles, customisable as per needs. The range of vehicles form the backbone of the business now: one of the many wise infrastructural investments made by the management.

  • 2005


    This was a phase of special attention on drivers to ensure their well being. This demonstrates the wisdom of the management for investing in human resources for better deliverance and efficiency. This included: driver safety training during induction, safety drug and alcohol testing prior to every trip; and quarterly health programmes for drivers, free health check ups at driver hubs and medical covers.

  • 2009


    The company upgraded itself by calibrating itself to offer technology based solutions. ERP, an online web based software made operations of all branches online enabling real time coordination and tracking amongst 250 locations. Bar coding system for each parcel was put in place ushering better transparency. Another major decision was to bifurcate the division for FLT to allocate more attention to clients like Dabur and Johnson.

  • 2015


    During the last couple of years, we decided to exemplify environmental responsibility by introducing CNG trucks in Delhi. Post-demonitisation, plastic currency was encouraged amongst drivers as they were provided with toll cards, pre-paid debit cards, etc. Business further expanded with commencement of services from Calcutta office, and establishment of in-house workshops for repair and maintenance of vehicles. We are now proud masters of a fleet of 200 vehicles and 150 workshops, catering to 50,000 happy customers at 250+ destinations.